A letter to small/medium-sized Australian property developers

New ways and means of marketing  for the small/medium-sized Australian property developers

Lead with Insights, Market with Precision.

Currently, global tourism and trading are in a semi-stop state. Working at home affects the direction of future property selection. The increase in network speed makes it unnecessary for office workers to commute between home and workplace. The quieter living environment away from the CBD area has become more acceptable by people, and these suburban properties have begun to gain people’s favor.

The Australian property developers need to ensure that the newly developed property  meets brand-new requirements, such as:

  • The sensitivity of the ventilation system and light rate in the home is another two other important indicators of comfort in terms of working at home.
  • Work from home being the new normal demand for facilities will increase. Such as large-scale public facilities in a community or apartment buildings, and the coffee equipment area in the home
  • Self-isolation and the fear of shortages in the supply of food and living goods will create potential new attractions when buyers are selecting properties. For instance, home gardens and backyards which allow residents to grow their favorite vegetables, and even large-sized balconies will become more popular.
  • A healthy conceptual community will be a new consideration when renting or buying a house. This new concept is an integration of many demands. Such as the sustainable development of natural ecology, walking distance to local shops and infrastructures, other convenient facilities, and so on.
  • Social distance and mandatory isolation measures have once again increased consumers’ reliance on online shopping habits, making it more popular. Communities need to make changes in the way of how postal packages are received, to prevent and contain the virus spread.

Requirement Analysis

The stated factors will be the necessary design elements for the next-generation properties. Whether we like these changes or not, the lifestyle change will happen silently. Just as the COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the normalization of home offices, real estate developers should quickly respond to new elements related to

  • property development design,
  •  home office experience,
  • Configuration of public facilities, management of community health, and so on.

The next round of homebuyers will prefer improved housing and self-occupied housing. They will more emotionally choose properties based on personal preferences and needs. The times that most investment buyers have a completely rational mindset and purely pursue economic returns are passed.

Developers not only need to adapt to new demands from a designing perspective. To avoid invalid capital investment that causes the disappearance of the project profit point they should

  • become more considerate and careful in the consumers’ home-buying experiences, a
  • more accurately match the property demand points of the target group


In terms of how to actively conduct social surveys to analyse the actual needs of homebuyers, the following suggestions are put forth for  Australian property developers:

  • Before the design begins, conduct market research on the buyer’s psychology
  • Digital marketing which is a twice-told story needs to be re-understood and pinpointed again. Really effective digital marketing will greatly improve the consumer experience of renters and buyers, thereby significantly improving the property rental-sales ratio.
  • In the aspect of operation management, higher requirements are put forward for the working depth of developers and managers. With the unemployment rate hitting a historical high, trust and security will be new topics, so increasing the depth of work details becomes quite necessary. For example, the problems that previously can be solved by telephone calls now require senior executives to join the ranks of grass-roots management personnel and visit the site to appease the tenants and buyers who are uneasy under economic pressure. This action can show the developer’s sense of responsibility, win better trust, increase stickiness with clients, and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Skyfield Co will customize marketing strategies for you

The future will see real estate development leaders collaborating with various experts. Such as psychologists, sociologists, and medical workers.  These newborn issues have also created the demand for a neo-marketing company, and Skyfield Co is the solution for this new demand.

We specialize in integrated marketing planning services & escorting the development for small/medium-sized real estate development companies,  Our belief is that in a complex and ever-changing market environment, the precise positioning of project marketing planning and flexible implementation will be the success drivers. Providing developers with accurate market positioning and project-oriented positioning are our highlights.

Benefited from rich experience in real estate project marketing planning, we have a unique full-cycle management service for real estate project marketing. With the bilingual ability of Chinese and English, we have a taste for local and international markets.

Catering to the below services we accurately position the market trend and fulfill market demands pre-market research,

  • graphic design,
  • website establishment,
  • copywriting, creative planning,
  • media purchase, digital marketing, and event planning, etc. .

About Skyfield

Skyfield marketing planning team has rich experiences and a mature operation system in three major marketing stages. Skyfield Co definitely can provide customers with one-stop and worry-free marketing services, including:

• Marketing planning and branding position
• Implementation of the overall project
• Operation and maintenance of a single detailed scheme

No matter in which stage you need to seek a better marketing plan for your development project, we are happy to discuss with you and provide the optimal plan under the budget of cost control.

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