Small Business Social Media Management: In-house Or Outsource

Small Business Social Media Management: A Toss Up

In the current times having a social media presence is of high vitality for small businesses ’ expansion and existence. A brand is represented through its various social media channels. The content going out on the channels is reflective of its values and services. The business’s social media channels are a very important touchpoint in its customer’s journey. It becomes more important than its management is done by a set of experienced and a suitable team. However, what puts the business owners in a dilemma is doing social media management in-house or outsourcing it to an external agency. Let’s take a look at the factors that small business owners should consider while making the choice.

The 5 Deciding Factors

Strategic Thinking

Social media agency owners spread out their wings with previous strategic experience under their belt. Having worked in various sectors and industries they understand strategies that work for a particular business. While a small business in-house social media team usually comprises interns, freshers. Strategic thinking and decisions are not their usual cup of tea.  


Costing is an important factor kept in mind while deciding between outsourcing or keeping it in-house. Usually, social media agencies charge a particular sum according to a predefined agreement. The agreement contains the number of posts, channels, and other specified work. However, the in-house team needs to be paid a salary. The salary payments depend on the number of employees whether they are full-time, part-time, casual, contract, or permanent.  Also, businesses need to pay salaries according to the government rate. Going with small social agencies like us can be more cost-effective than paying salaries. 


Opting for an experienced social media agency like us gives business owners peace of mind that their social media is being managed well. Since the agency is aware and is in tune with the current trends the best content will be put forth. While an in-house team being in its learning curve may take time in researching, finding solutions to the issues, and may make mistakes in the process.

Concentrating on Other Business Aspects

 Small business owners opting for social media specialists (Agency) can concentrate on other aspects of the business which need their attention. They can make use of the in-house resources efficiently in other departments.

Technology and Tools Accessibility

Small businesses with their limited budget may not have accessibility to various tools and technologies. However, with roping in social media agencies, the business can make use of the latest tools to better their marketing tools.

Fitting into the above 5 boxes small businesses can partner with a highly experienced social media agency offering strategy, branding, and execution (SBE solutions) like us.

5 Ways Apple iOS 14.5 Is Affecting Your Facebook Ads And How Skyfield Co Is Overcoming It

iOS 14.5 & Its Changes 

About iOS14.5

A dynamic ecosystem surrounds the digital ads and, in this ecosystem, chances are the only thing that is constant. The changes are primarily due to a government’s regulations or tech company’s policies. The recent change to disrupt the digital ad world is Apple’s iOS 14.5 release. With this release, Apple’s three new app policies have come into effect as expected. Let’s dive into what these changes are and how it is affecting one of the main social media campaign platforms i.e., Facebook. 

The recent Apple update is providing its users with an opt-in prompt on each app they use. This prompt will allow them to choose whether they consent to third-party sites like Facebook to track their user data.  

 5 ways how is it affecting Facebook advertising

1)App Advertising -‘SKAdNetwork’ API introduced by Apple would now come into force. It would play an important role in ensuring the privacy of mobile app installers. Further, Facebook would be using ‘SKAdNetwork’ API on all iOS 14 devices and this would either restrict, aggregate, or delay all app event data. Also, lift measurement will be unavailable for iOS 14 App install and App events campaigns. There will no longer be a real-time app installed event reporting instead the event reporting will take place 3 days later after app installation. 

2)Mobile Advertising- In addition to the SKADNetwork Apple has introduced the PCM (Private Click Measurement) protocol for web attribution. This protocol does not allow easy data accessibility for businesses and platforms especially the sales event. Geo-location tracking also becomes tougher with this protocol. Facebook has released the Aggregated Event Management tool to counter this problem.  

3)Event Optimization- With this update, the advertiser can optimize only 8 events per domain however there are no restrictions on the event tracking. If there are not enough data points event optimization would be hampered. If the users upgrade to the iOS14.5 platform audience size would get reduced thus hampering the retargeting. 

4)Data Reporting – This update would see a delay in the reporting of the data across the paid and organic means. Reporting could be delayed by 3 days and few reported conversions can be seen. 

5) Facebook Business Manager – The Facebook business manager platform would undergo a change in its design as there cannot be a separate interface for Android and iOS users. 

How is Skyfield Co Preparing Its customers for these  changes 

Skyfield Co is prepared for the iOS 14.5 changes and we are helping our clients in overcoming the changes through the following 5 ways  

  • Verifying our client’s domains with Facebook-The first step we have taken in overcoming these changes is by verifying our client’s domains with FB. There are several ways to verify a domain however, we have verified the domain by adding the DNS TXT entry to our client’s DNS record. 
  • Selecting the events for tracking-   In consultation with our clients, we have chosen the events for optimization and have ranked them in the event manager. 
  • Use of innovative data products-   We have made use of data products that provide privacy and safe access to data with events tied to various user IDs for ID management. Such as clean rooms, Google Ads Data Hub, Facebook Advanced Analytics, Adobe Experience Platform, and Amazon Marketing Cloud. 
  • Cookie Tracking Alternatives – For our clients, we are using user-specific identifiers to target individuals like email, phone numbers as alternatives to cookies. 
  • Data Sharing Value Incentives – We are increasing our client’s first-party data by providing value incentives for sharing data. 

These are our prime strategies by which we are helping our clients to overcome this update. Avail more of our similar strategies through our SBE solutions


Logo Designing At Skyield Co

Our insights into the logo design, its relevance in your marketing strategy. Our strategies involved in logo designing at Skyield Co to create your unique logo would also be showcased.  

Logo Design What is it, Why should It be your business’s superstar? & Its designing elements.

Congratulations on having embarked on your business!! Even before you embark you would have heard of the terms logo, logo design. Confused ?? Be not for we are here to simplify.

What Is it?

A logo design is a simplified business identifier. The business identifier can be a logo mark, typographic solution, or both. It highlights your firm and sets it apart graphically.

Should it be your business’s superstar?

Yes, your logo is your first business asset. This plus the roles played by it qualifies it to your business’s superstar. A business’s logo design plays the role of a 

A Trust & Brand Builder – Your logo represents your business and builds its credibility. Clients and potential clients recognize your business by its logo. It stands for what your brand promises thus building trust and brand. 

Adidas is a big example of this. Adidas logo represents a higher standard and higher quality which its products are.

A Business Highlighter – Your logo helps you stand out amongst the rest of your business peers. For instance, though Adidas has better products when compared to Nike consumers easily remember Nike’s logo. The reason being Nike‘s logo is simple and basic. It is a simple tick mark that people easily remember.

Logo Designing At Skyield Co

We understand that getting a logo design is one of the prerequisites for setting up your business. We ensure that your logo design process is simplified and fast.Thus enabling you to initiate your business activities as per your schedule. This is achieved by following the four basic logo designing principles.

  • Simplicity At Its Best– A simple logo helps people remember it faster and easier. Keeping this in mind we design simple logos that people easily relate with. The end-users of clients easily recognize the logos.
  • A Balanced Theme -The current logos are a balance of trending and simple designs. We at Skyfield co ensure that your logos have a balanced theme. 
  • A Functional Logo- Your logo should showcase your service or brand. Customers should be able to identify your service through the logos. If the brand name is to be showcased, the logo should have it. Our logos are functional. 
  • Eye Catchy-Your logo should be attractive. It must reach the target audience in the first view itself. The logos that we design though simple are eye-catchy and reach the target audience.

Our below portfolio is an example of us ensuring adherence to the four principles listed above.

We are a highly experienced services provider and design your logo through proper strategy, branding, and execution (SBE solutions).

At Skyfield Co human needs are prioritized over our designing tools. We have discussions with our clients on their needs and how do they want their logos to fulfill them. Taking into consideration their needs our designer designs the best logos within the given timelines. Our designers are not dependent on AI or the tools and use their own creativity and imagination. They are able to create stunning logos.

Looking for designers who give more importance to your needs than the tools your search ends at Skyfield Co. Say hi to us

Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Social Media Marketing For Small Business -A Requirement

Measuring Your Marketing Outcome?

As a small business owner, it is a mammoth task to measure the performance results while adopting traditional means to market your product. If you have been able to successfully measure your marketing outcomes kudos to you and do share your secret. If not and are wondering what has been your ROI it is time you needed a shift. A digital shift. 

About The Digital Shift

Being a small business entrepreneur the digital shift for your business should be initiated by getting a social media presence for your business. Having the relevant social media channels is a must for any business big or small. In the current economic scenario, many small businesses are able to survive due to their strong social media presence.

Social Media Marketing And Its Relevance to Your Small Business

Most Known  Reasons 

Letting your business have a strong social media presence and marketing it is important as it helps 

  • Increasing your brand awareness 
  • Increasing your  overall customer base 
  • Better Connection with your customers 
  • Getting more organic and Inorganic leads
Lesser Known Secret  

As a small business entrepreneur you have more chances to increase your revenue throughsocial media marketing than your bigger brothers. Here is why 

1)Social media can  increase your  local connections

It is noticed that small businesses are deeply involved with their local communities and its activities. They also enjoy the individual connection with the majority of the community members. Showcasing your connections with the community or your involvement in its activities  through  your social media channel  would help reach to the untapped local audiences.

2)Less Spends On Advertisements

Small businesses entrepreneurs can save up their money on bettering their choosing to have a lesser advertisement spend. Having fewer items to sell when compared to bigger firms they can opt in for lesser ad spend on less expensive platforms.

3)Opportunities For Collaborations 

Through social media smaller businesses can explore multiple collaborations with other smaller businesses which may or may not be related to businesses. Through collaboration the smaller businesses can increase their reach further.

4)Customer Personalisation

The major advantage which smaller businesses enjoy over the bigger firms is that they can personalize their customer experiences on the social media channels such as personalized responses, product showcasing. Thus making their customers happy and satisfied.

5)Leverage On Bigger Firms Advertising

A trending feature that is observed is that larger organizations showcase their support for the small businesses by advertising 1 day flea markets, exhibitions and events. Smaller businesses taking part in the event can increase their social media presence with their big firm association.

Last But Not Least

While making a strong social media presence it is very important to partner with a highly experienced services provider who would help you market your business through proper strategy, branding, and execution (SBE solutions).


5 Simple Sydney Real Estate Marketing Hacks

As highlighted by the PropertyUpdate the real estate market in Sydney has been performing well. The market sentiments are optimistic and It is likely that the property market will witness double-digit growth. Most of the property segments will witness a huge upward movement in their prices over the next 12 months. Given the fact that the Sydney market has been performing well consistently across many years, this year seems no different.

With the property market looking good the builders, developers, agents, and owners should market their property well to leverage on the gains. To leverage on the gains property developers, owners agents, and other real estate professionals should adopt digital means.

Our 5 digital hacks for Sydney Real Estate Marketing are.

1) Set Up A Website, Particularly Hyperlocal Website

Real estate firms conducting themselves without a website it is highly recommended that you build one. A hyperlocal website is more effective if you are planning to dominate a particular suburb.  Here are the reasons why you should create one. 

  • our Websites represent your company in the market, particularly when clients are looking for local property management companies.
  • Prospective customers can queue up if they find the website impressive and have a  good experience with your brand.
  • They are a good source to get leads, local referrals, and local influencers.

If your real estate business has a pre-existing website you can upgrade to a better customer experience by integrating a chatbot with it. Chatbots once integrated with your website, will help you improve your customer’s experience. The key benefits of integrating chatbots are as follows: 

  • The chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide timely responses, ensuring that no leads are missed. 
  • The error chances of error are very low as they can accurately recall your entire buying history.
  • They are polite and have excellent customer service.
  • You, as the business owner, can focus on more critical tasks.

2) Go Social 

Property firms should channelize a part of their efforts in making a strong social media presence. Through engaging content and campaigns on social media followers, leads, and referrals can be gained. The most popular social media platforms to gain followers and are Instagram and FB. One of the ways to engage with your customers on social media channels is through stories. Social media stories train the platform algorithms on your engaging content. Stories, especially Instagram stories, will help you reach a wider audience. Instagram stories are highly engaging. Instagram stories can help your target audience to engage with you. Popular content such as Q&A Polls, Stickers, and Gifs can be used on stories as well as the the regular content.

3) Video Marketing Your Listings 

   List your property in ways that it connects with your audience and has a high reach. Videos are an effective way to market your listing. A high-quality 360-degree video of your listing helps catch your audience’s attention. Through videos not only will you be able to expand your brand’s scope, but youalso be able to boost customer loyalty by conveying emotions effectively. Your listing video can be shared and marketed on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and other relevant platforms.

4) Have A Presence Everywhere 

 Property owners should have a presence on all digital channels apart from their direct marketing channels. The best option for a business would be to have an equal mix of all the channels to have a strong presence everywhere. An additional presence on different digital platforms is beneficial to your firm, giving your audience an impression of your omnichannel availability when making a real estate decision.  An omnichannel adoption will help to mitigate the loss of leads as against solo channel adoption.

5) Marketing Your Real Estate Content

As a property firm owner or real estate professional one should market their content through different ways such as blogs, social media posts, email and videos, and infographics. You could also team up with local websites to share your content. Marketing your content ensures

  • A positive marketing ROI.
  • Your property firm to appear on search results.
  • Generation of website traffic, leads, and sales.
  •  A long-term result

Last But Not The Least

Lastly, partner with a property marketing services provider who would help you market your property through proper strategy, branding, and execution (SBE )solutions. Such as Skyfield Co. With 15 years of Sydney real estate marketing experience, Skyfield Co will be able to market your property in a  highly efficient and effective manner.

6 Ways To Market Your Business In 2021

Marketing Your Business In 2021

The year gone by was a year of changes. It was a year of upheaval, uncertainty, and fight for survival. Everyone everywhere, especially businesses were affected by it. Businesses that had adopted digital means to market their businesses were the clear winners. Businesses that managed with partial or without digital means are the survivors. Well done!! This is an indicator to scale and scale digitally. Ring in large scaling of business by digitally marketing your business. 

Here are our  6 ways for marketing your business in 2021.

1)Build  A Website And Integrate A ChatBot

If you are a business conducting itself without a website it is highly recommended that you build one. Here are the reasons why you should create one. 

  • Your website represent the business and indicates its presence in the market 
  • They can impress prospective customers and can give them a good experience with your brand.
  • They are a good source to get leads, nurture them and get more sales.

If  your business has a pre existing website you can provide better experience to your customers by integrating a chatbot with it. Chatbots once integrated with the website will chat in real-time with  customers or site visitors. The main advantages of integration chatbots are 

  • The chatbots are responsive 24/7 and give answers promptly which means that the chances of leads getting missed out are negligible 
  • They can  accurately recall your entire buying history which means chances of error is very low , 
  • They are patient and offer outstanding customer service 
  • You the business owner can concentrate on more important activities

  If you have a social media presence you can integrate your social media channels to website too.

2)Give A Personal Touch To Your Customer’s Experience

Post building a website and making the necessary integrations you are all ready to launch your content, email, and marketing campaigns. Ensure to provide a personalized touch to the customer’s journey with your brand. Be it through content or through emails or campaigns. Customers who have experienced a personal touch to their journey have brought in more customers and have been returning customers.

3)Video Marketing

 Videos are in trend and are happening. They are going to be around for the next decade too. Video is more entertaining than content, according to statistics. Viewers are easily hooked on videos, and if the videos are popular, they can quickly go viral. Business owners can use this current trend to market their products. They can make simple short videos of their businesses, brands, product, or services and share them on their preferred social media channel.

Businesses can further engage with their audiences by going live and showcasing an event or their products.

4)Use Of Social Media Stories

Business owners having a social media presence should make use of the stories feature on their chosen channel. Product, brand, services, and happening can be showcased on stories. Use of stories is suggested as they

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Constantly engage with your audience 
  3. Stories are very cost-effective
  4. They increased traffic to your web page
  5. They are an opportunity to reach younger audiences

5)Marketing Your Business’s Content

Businesses should market their content through different ways such as blogs, social media posts, through email and videos and infographics. Here is why

  • With blogs, businesses can witness up to 13  positive marketing ROI.
  • Content marketing will help your businesses appear on search results.
  • Marketing your business’s content will help generate website  traffic, leads and sales.
  •  The result arising from marketing your content  is  long-term 

6)Omnichannel Marketing 

Business owners should be open to having other digital channels apart from a primary digital channel for their lead resources. The best option for a business would be to have an equal mix of all the channels to have a strong presence everywhere. An omnichannel adoption will help to mitigate the loss of leads as against solo channel adoption.

Last but not least partner with a highly experienced services provider who would help you market your business through proper strategy, branding, and execution (SBE )solutions.

A letter to small/medium-sized Australian property developers

New ways and means of marketing  for the small/medium-sized Australian property developers

Lead with Insights, Market with Precision.

Currently, global tourism and trading are in a semi-stop state. Working at home affects the direction of future property selection. The increase in network speed makes it unnecessary for office workers to commute between home and workplace. The quieter living environment away from the CBD area has become more acceptable by people, and these suburban properties have begun to gain people’s favor.

The Australian property developers need to ensure that the newly developed property  meets brand-new requirements, such as:

  • The sensitivity of the ventilation system and light rate in the home is another two other important indicators of comfort in terms of working at home.
  • Work from home being the new normal demand for facilities will increase. Such as large-scale public facilities in a community or apartment buildings, and the coffee equipment area in the home
  • Self-isolation and the fear of shortages in the supply of food and living goods will create potential new attractions when buyers are selecting properties. For instance, home gardens and backyards which allow residents to grow their favorite vegetables, and even large-sized balconies will become more popular.
  • A healthy conceptual community will be a new consideration when renting or buying a house. This new concept is an integration of many demands. Such as the sustainable development of natural ecology, walking distance to local shops and infrastructures, other convenient facilities, and so on.
  • Social distance and mandatory isolation measures have once again increased consumers’ reliance on online shopping habits, making it more popular. Communities need to make changes in the way of how postal packages are received, to prevent and contain the virus spread.

Requirement Analysis

The stated factors will be the necessary design elements for the next-generation properties. Whether we like these changes or not, the lifestyle change will happen silently. Just as the COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the normalization of home offices, real estate developers should quickly respond to new elements related to

  • property development design,
  •  home office experience,
  • Configuration of public facilities, management of community health, and so on.

The next round of homebuyers will prefer improved housing and self-occupied housing. They will more emotionally choose properties based on personal preferences and needs. The times that most investment buyers have a completely rational mindset and purely pursue economic returns are passed.

Developers not only need to adapt to new demands from a designing perspective. To avoid invalid capital investment that causes the disappearance of the project profit point they should

  • become more considerate and careful in the consumers’ home-buying experiences, a
  • more accurately match the property demand points of the target group


In terms of how to actively conduct social surveys to analyse the actual needs of homebuyers, the following suggestions are put forth for  Australian property developers:

  • Before the design begins, conduct market research on the buyer’s psychology
  • Digital marketing which is a twice-told story needs to be re-understood and pinpointed again. Really effective digital marketing will greatly improve the consumer experience of renters and buyers, thereby significantly improving the property rental-sales ratio.
  • In the aspect of operation management, higher requirements are put forward for the working depth of developers and managers. With the unemployment rate hitting a historical high, trust and security will be new topics, so increasing the depth of work details becomes quite necessary. For example, the problems that previously can be solved by telephone calls now require senior executives to join the ranks of grass-roots management personnel and visit the site to appease the tenants and buyers who are uneasy under economic pressure. This action can show the developer’s sense of responsibility, win better trust, increase stickiness with clients, and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Skyfield Co will customize marketing strategies for you

The future will see real estate development leaders collaborating with various experts. Such as psychologists, sociologists, and medical workers.  These newborn issues have also created the demand for a neo-marketing company, and Skyfield Co is the solution for this new demand.

We specialize in integrated marketing planning services & escorting the development for small/medium-sized real estate development companies,  Our belief is that in a complex and ever-changing market environment, the precise positioning of project marketing planning and flexible implementation will be the success drivers. Providing developers with accurate market positioning and project-oriented positioning are our highlights.

Benefited from rich experience in real estate project marketing planning, we have a unique full-cycle management service for real estate project marketing. With the bilingual ability of Chinese and English, we have a taste for local and international markets.

Catering to the below services we accurately position the market trend and fulfill market demands pre-market research,

  • graphic design,
  • website establishment,
  • copywriting, creative planning,
  • media purchase, digital marketing, and event planning, etc. .

About Skyfield

Skyfield marketing planning team has rich experiences and a mature operation system in three major marketing stages. Skyfield Co definitely can provide customers with one-stop and worry-free marketing services, including:

• Marketing planning and branding position
• Implementation of the overall project
• Operation and maintenance of a single detailed scheme

No matter in which stage you need to seek a better marketing plan for your development project, we are happy to discuss with you and provide the optimal plan under the budget of cost control.

Say hello to know more about our property marketing services on Our Facebook and Email.