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Lead with Insights

Brand Story

Skyfield Co is a Sydney based full-service creative branding agency. Our reliability comes from more than 15 years of extensive experience: we have a depth and breadth of knowledge in branding and marketing across a range of businesses, specialising in the property and hospitality industries.

Our multilingual team of English / Chinese marketing experts will tailor your brand strategy, copywriting and graphic design, plus website design and development.

Our diverse cultural backgrounds give us a unique advantage to craft powerful brand messaging. We take time and effort to understand your goals and your business. By immersing ourselves in your business and industry, we create meaningful connections between you and your target audience.

Why Us

Lead with insights, create with passion is more than just a catchy slogan.
We take the time to understand our your goals about your products, services and processes, so that we can create strategies and brand that are unique to you and impactful for your customers. By immersing ourselves in both your business and industry we create meaningful connections between you and your audience. 

We aren’t looking for short-term gains; we’re looking to build long-term success.

We go beyond meeting immediate needs to tailor-make genuinely innovative solutions. We create bespoke solutions beyond the immediate needs to help your business achieve higher goals.
Skyfield Co endeavours to support you through the entire branding journey while keeping things simple and efficient.

Our strengths

  • Specialising in creating a brand to help businesses grow
  • In-depth understanding of property project branding with over a decade of industry experience
  • A multicultural creative team

Your gains

  • A team of experts in Chinese + English speaking markets
  • Branding with innovative market idea, insight, knowledge and experience
  • Your brand created with passion and understanding
Skyfield Co Business Branding

What Do We Do For You?

To show clients your brand through your eyes.
Our designers combine creativity and strategy to not only create stunning standalone visuals but deliver your message and recreate the excitement you have for your brand. Through a balance, simplicity and impact brand identity, we can enhance your brand professionalism and awareness, enlarge your enterprise influence power, improve credibility, and boost efficiency as well.

Our Service Has THREE Sections

1. Logo Design and Brand Assets Creation

Brand identity includes logo design, brand colours, fonts. Narrative includes brand message, copywriting and story writing.

2. Website Design

Customised website design and development

3. Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram accounts and advertising management

Skyfield Co Business Branding
Skyfield Co Business Branding

What We Believe In?

We believe success comes from the right people doing the right things at the right time and place.


We believe that responsibility and integrity are the foundation to build and nurture a beneficial relationship.


We embrace your goals as our own.