Small Business Social Media Management: In-house Or Outsource

Small Business Social Media Management: A Toss Up

In the current times having a social media presence is of high vitality for small businesses ’ expansion and existence. A brand is represented through its various social media channels. The content going out on the channels is reflective of its values and services. The business’s social media channels are a very important touchpoint in its customer’s journey. It becomes more important than its management is done by a set of experienced and a suitable team. However, what puts the business owners in a dilemma is doing social media management in-house or outsourcing it to an external agency. Let’s take a look at the factors that small business owners should consider while making the choice.

The 5 Deciding Factors

Strategic Thinking

Social media agency owners spread out their wings with previous strategic experience under their belt. Having worked in various sectors and industries they understand strategies that work for a particular business. While a small business in-house social media team usually comprises interns, freshers. Strategic thinking and decisions are not their usual cup of tea.  


Costing is an important factor kept in mind while deciding between outsourcing or keeping it in-house. Usually, social media agencies charge a particular sum according to a predefined agreement. The agreement contains the number of posts, channels, and other specified work. However, the in-house team needs to be paid a salary. The salary payments depend on the number of employees whether they are full-time, part-time, casual, contract, or permanent.  Also, businesses need to pay salaries according to the government rate. Going with small social agencies like us can be more cost-effective than paying salaries. 


Opting for an experienced social media agency like us gives business owners peace of mind that their social media is being managed well. Since the agency is aware and is in tune with the current trends the best content will be put forth. While an in-house team being in its learning curve may take time in researching, finding solutions to the issues, and may make mistakes in the process.

Concentrating on Other Business Aspects

 Small business owners opting for social media specialists (Agency) can concentrate on other aspects of the business which need their attention. They can make use of the in-house resources efficiently in other departments.

Technology and Tools Accessibility

Small businesses with their limited budget may not have accessibility to various tools and technologies. However, with roping in social media agencies, the business can make use of the latest tools to better their marketing tools.

Fitting into the above 5 boxes small businesses can partner with a highly experienced social media agency offering strategy, branding, and execution (SBE solutions) like us.