5 Ways Apple iOS 14.5 Is Affecting Your Facebook Ads And How Skyfield Co Is Overcoming It

iOS 14.5 & Its Changes 

About iOS14.5

A dynamic ecosystem surrounds the digital ads and, in this ecosystem, chances are the only thing that is constant. The changes are primarily due to a government’s regulations or tech company’s policies. The recent change to disrupt the digital ad world is Apple’s iOS 14.5 release. With this release, Apple’s three new app policies have come into effect as expected. Let’s dive into what these changes are and how it is affecting one of the main social media campaign platforms i.e., Facebook. 

The recent Apple update is providing its users with an opt-in prompt on each app they use. This prompt will allow them to choose whether they consent to third-party sites like Facebook to track their user data.  

 5 ways how is it affecting Facebook advertising

1)App Advertising -‘SKAdNetwork’ API introduced by Apple would now come into force. It would play an important role in ensuring the privacy of mobile app installers. Further, Facebook would be using ‘SKAdNetwork’ API on all iOS 14 devices and this would either restrict, aggregate, or delay all app event data. Also, lift measurement will be unavailable for iOS 14 App install and App events campaigns. There will no longer be a real-time app installed event reporting instead the event reporting will take place 3 days later after app installation. 

2)Mobile Advertising- In addition to the SKADNetwork Apple has introduced the PCM (Private Click Measurement) protocol for web attribution. This protocol does not allow easy data accessibility for businesses and platforms especially the sales event. Geo-location tracking also becomes tougher with this protocol. Facebook has released the Aggregated Event Management tool to counter this problem.  

3)Event Optimization- With this update, the advertiser can optimize only 8 events per domain however there are no restrictions on the event tracking. If there are not enough data points event optimization would be hampered. If the users upgrade to the iOS14.5 platform audience size would get reduced thus hampering the retargeting. 

4)Data Reporting – This update would see a delay in the reporting of the data across the paid and organic means. Reporting could be delayed by 3 days and few reported conversions can be seen. 

5) Facebook Business Manager – The Facebook business manager platform would undergo a change in its design as there cannot be a separate interface for Android and iOS users. 

How is Skyfield Co Preparing Its customers for these  changes 

Skyfield Co is prepared for the iOS 14.5 changes and we are helping our clients in overcoming the changes through the following 5 ways  

  • Verifying our client’s domains with Facebook-The first step we have taken in overcoming these changes is by verifying our client’s domains with FB. There are several ways to verify a domain however, we have verified the domain by adding the DNS TXT entry to our client’s DNS record. 
  • Selecting the events for tracking-   In consultation with our clients, we have chosen the events for optimization and have ranked them in the event manager. 
  • Use of innovative data products-   We have made use of data products that provide privacy and safe access to data with events tied to various user IDs for ID management. Such as clean rooms, Google Ads Data Hub, Facebook Advanced Analytics, Adobe Experience Platform, and Amazon Marketing Cloud. 
  • Cookie Tracking Alternatives – For our clients, we are using user-specific identifiers to target individuals like email, phone numbers as alternatives to cookies. 
  • Data Sharing Value Incentives – We are increasing our client’s first-party data by providing value incentives for sharing data. 

These are our prime strategies by which we are helping our clients to overcome this update. Avail more of our similar strategies through our SBE solutions