Logo Designing At Skyield Co

Our insights into the logo design, its relevance in your marketing strategy. Our strategies involved in logo designing at Skyield Co to create your unique logo would also be showcased.  

Logo Design What is it, Why should It be your business’s superstar? & Its designing elements.

Congratulations on having embarked on your business!! Even before you embark you would have heard of the terms logo, logo design. Confused ?? Be not for we are here to simplify.

What Is it?

A logo design is a simplified business identifier. The business identifier can be a logo mark, typographic solution, or both. It highlights your firm and sets it apart graphically.

Should it be your business’s superstar?

Yes, your logo is your first business asset. This plus the roles played by it qualifies it to your business’s superstar. A business’s logo design plays the role of a 

A Trust & Brand Builder – Your logo represents your business and builds its credibility. Clients and potential clients recognize your business by its logo. It stands for what your brand promises thus building trust and brand. 

Adidas is a big example of this. Adidas logo represents a higher standard and higher quality which its products are.

A Business Highlighter – Your logo helps you stand out amongst the rest of your business peers. For instance, though Adidas has better products when compared to Nike consumers easily remember Nike’s logo. The reason being Nike‘s logo is simple and basic. It is a simple tick mark that people easily remember.

Logo Designing At Skyield Co

We understand that getting a logo design is one of the prerequisites for setting up your business. We ensure that your logo design process is simplified and fast.Thus enabling you to initiate your business activities as per your schedule. This is achieved by following the four basic logo designing principles.

  • Simplicity At Its Best– A simple logo helps people remember it faster and easier. Keeping this in mind we design simple logos that people easily relate with. The end-users of clients easily recognize the logos.
  • A Balanced Theme -The current logos are a balance of trending and simple designs. We at Skyfield co ensure that your logos have a balanced theme. 
  • A Functional Logo- Your logo should showcase your service or brand. Customers should be able to identify your service through the logos. If the brand name is to be showcased, the logo should have it. Our logos are functional. 
  • Eye Catchy-Your logo should be attractive. It must reach the target audience in the first view itself. The logos that we design though simple are eye-catchy and reach the target audience.

Our below portfolio is an example of us ensuring adherence to the four principles listed above.

We are a highly experienced services provider and design your logo through proper strategy, branding, and execution (SBE solutions).

At Skyfield Co human needs are prioritized over our designing tools. We have discussions with our clients on their needs and how do they want their logos to fulfill them. Taking into consideration their needs our designer designs the best logos within the given timelines. Our designers are not dependent on AI or the tools and use their own creativity and imagination. They are able to create stunning logos.

Looking for designers who give more importance to your needs than the tools your search ends at Skyfield Co. Say hi to us @info@skyfieldco.com.au