5 Simple Sydney Real Estate Marketing Hacks

As highlighted by the PropertyUpdate the real estate market in Sydney has been performing well. The market sentiments are optimistic and It is likely that the property market will witness double-digit growth. Most of the property segments will witness a huge upward movement in their prices over the next 12 months. Given the fact that the Sydney market has been performing well consistently across many years, this year seems no different.

With the property market looking good the builders, developers, agents, and owners should market their property well to leverage on the gains. To leverage on the gains property developers, owners agents, and other real estate professionals should adopt digital means.

Our 5 digital hacks for Sydney Real Estate Marketing are.

1) Set Up A Website, Particularly Hyperlocal Website

Real estate firms conducting themselves without a website it is highly recommended that you build one. A hyperlocal website is more effective if you are planning to dominate a particular suburb.  Here are the reasons why you should create one. 

  • our Websites represent your company in the market, particularly when clients are looking for local property management companies.
  • Prospective customers can queue up if they find the website impressive and have a  good experience with your brand.
  • They are a good source to get leads, local referrals, and local influencers.

If your real estate business has a pre-existing website you can upgrade to a better customer experience by integrating a chatbot with it. Chatbots once integrated with your website, will help you improve your customer’s experience. The key benefits of integrating chatbots are as follows: 

  • The chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide timely responses, ensuring that no leads are missed. 
  • The error chances of error are very low as they can accurately recall your entire buying history.
  • They are polite and have excellent customer service.
  • You, as the business owner, can focus on more critical tasks.

2) Go Social 

Property firms should channelize a part of their efforts in making a strong social media presence. Through engaging content and campaigns on social media followers, leads, and referrals can be gained. The most popular social media platforms to gain followers and are Instagram and FB. One of the ways to engage with your customers on social media channels is through stories. Social media stories train the platform algorithms on your engaging content. Stories, especially Instagram stories, will help you reach a wider audience. Instagram stories are highly engaging. Instagram stories can help your target audience to engage with you. Popular content such as Q&A Polls, Stickers, and Gifs can be used on stories as well as the the regular content.

3) Video Marketing Your Listings 

   List your property in ways that it connects with your audience and has a high reach. Videos are an effective way to market your listing. A high-quality 360-degree video of your listing helps catch your audience’s attention. Through videos not only will you be able to expand your brand’s scope, but youalso be able to boost customer loyalty by conveying emotions effectively. Your listing video can be shared and marketed on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and other relevant platforms.

4) Have A Presence Everywhere 

 Property owners should have a presence on all digital channels apart from their direct marketing channels. The best option for a business would be to have an equal mix of all the channels to have a strong presence everywhere. An additional presence on different digital platforms is beneficial to your firm, giving your audience an impression of your omnichannel availability when making a real estate decision.  An omnichannel adoption will help to mitigate the loss of leads as against solo channel adoption.

5) Marketing Your Real Estate Content

As a property firm owner or real estate professional one should market their content through different ways such as blogs, social media posts, email and videos, and infographics. You could also team up with local websites to share your content. Marketing your content ensures

  • A positive marketing ROI.
  • Your property firm to appear on search results.
  • Generation of website traffic, leads, and sales.
  •  A long-term result

Last But Not The Least

Lastly, partner with a property marketing services provider who would help you market your property through proper strategy, branding, and execution (SBE )solutions. Such as Skyfield Co. With 15 years of Sydney real estate marketing experience, Skyfield Co will be able to market your property in a  highly efficient and effective manner.