6 Ways To Market Your Business In 2021

Marketing Your Business In 2021

The year gone by was a year of changes. It was a year of upheaval, uncertainty, and fight for survival. Everyone everywhere, especially businesses were affected by it. Businesses that had adopted digital means to market their businesses were the clear winners. Businesses that managed with partial or without digital means are the survivors. Well done!! This is an indicator to scale and scale digitally. Ring in large scaling of business by digitally marketing your business. 

Here are our  6 ways for marketing your business in 2021.

1)Build  A Website And Integrate A ChatBot

If you are a business conducting itself without a website it is highly recommended that you build one. Here are the reasons why you should create one. 

  • Your website represent the business and indicates its presence in the market 
  • They can impress prospective customers and can give them a good experience with your brand.
  • They are a good source to get leads, nurture them and get more sales.

If  your business has a pre existing website you can provide better experience to your customers by integrating a chatbot with it. Chatbots once integrated with the website will chat in real-time with  customers or site visitors. The main advantages of integration chatbots are 

  • The chatbots are responsive 24/7 and give answers promptly which means that the chances of leads getting missed out are negligible 
  • They can  accurately recall your entire buying history which means chances of error is very low , 
  • They are patient and offer outstanding customer service 
  • You the business owner can concentrate on more important activities

  If you have a social media presence you can integrate your social media channels to website too.

2)Give A Personal Touch To Your Customer’s Experience

Post building a website and making the necessary integrations you are all ready to launch your content, email, and marketing campaigns. Ensure to provide a personalized touch to the customer’s journey with your brand. Be it through content or through emails or campaigns. Customers who have experienced a personal touch to their journey have brought in more customers and have been returning customers.

3)Video Marketing

 Videos are in trend and are happening. They are going to be around for the next decade too. Video is more entertaining than content, according to statistics. Viewers are easily hooked on videos, and if the videos are popular, they can quickly go viral. Business owners can use this current trend to market their products. They can make simple short videos of their businesses, brands, product, or services and share them on their preferred social media channel.

Businesses can further engage with their audiences by going live and showcasing an event or their products.

4)Use Of Social Media Stories

Business owners having a social media presence should make use of the stories feature on their chosen channel. Product, brand, services, and happening can be showcased on stories. Use of stories is suggested as they

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Constantly engage with your audience 
  3. Stories are very cost-effective
  4. They increased traffic to your web page
  5. They are an opportunity to reach younger audiences

5)Marketing Your Business’s Content

Businesses should market their content through different ways such as blogs, social media posts, through email and videos and infographics. Here is why

  • With blogs, businesses can witness up to 13  positive marketing ROI.
  • Content marketing will help your businesses appear on search results.
  • Marketing your business’s content will help generate website  traffic, leads and sales.
  •  The result arising from marketing your content  is  long-term 

6)Omnichannel Marketing 

Business owners should be open to having other digital channels apart from a primary digital channel for their lead resources. The best option for a business would be to have an equal mix of all the channels to have a strong presence everywhere. An omnichannel adoption will help to mitigate the loss of leads as against solo channel adoption.

Last but not least partner with a highly experienced services provider who would help you market your business through proper strategy, branding, and execution (SBE )solutions.